Thursday, September 26, 2019

High-Tech Olympics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

High-Tech Olympics - Essay Example One of the most interesting technologies presented in London Paralympics was running blades. From the enormous amount of money and time spent by researchers, the prosthetics have an ultimate purpose to improve the sports performance of people taking part in sports events. The other technology is the cheetah running blade which is the most desirable for sportsmen because of its high performance and extreme durability. The blades work like normal legs and can absorb high weight shock when running. Among other technologies used in the Olympics games, 2012 are the Olympic Torch, the design of the torch changes for each of the Olympics games. It includes two burners, an outer bright flame, and small inner blue flame; Quantum Aquatic Timers, which was created by OMEGA Company. This device has an improved resolution of 1 Â µs to the previous devices, so the resolution is about 100 times greater; Starting Blocks, which are used for starts in swimming; and TouchPads stopped by each swimmer through applying a pressure of about 1,5kg to 2,5kg. During the Olympic Games 2012, the cameras that were used include 3D HD, Driving Cameras, Sky Cameras, and Motion Cameras. As explained in the paper, the common method used to rank success of countries at the Olympic Games is a ranking order based first on the number of gold medals won, then silver and bronze. The planning and preparations for 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games in London started four years before the opening ceremony. Identifyi ng the long-term impacts on people, communities, the economy and the environment are usually part of the planning. London became the first city which accepted games already the third time. The games were passed in London, the capital of Great Britain, from July 27 to August 12.

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