Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Young Goodman Brown (Nathaniel Hawthorne) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Young Goodman Brown (Nathaniel Hawthorne) - Essay Example The darkness here has been used to symbolize confusion and loneliness of a Godless life. Brown meets the Devil who accompanies him to meet up Goody Cloyse. Afterwards the devil disappears and Brown attempts to pray (Hawthorne 23). He is however, distracted by a cloud containing the voices on several sinners. At this point, the author attempted to communicate the danger of the world blinding a person’s eye to heaven. Brown runs through the woods. Here, the author communicated that finding the path of righteousness is challenging when one leaves it first since the sin’s woods are covered with confusion and darkness. The story ends in Brown getting back to the village a fearful and bitter man who suspects the religious wholesomeness of those near him (Hawthorne 48). Critics have argued that this story clues Hawthorne’s own history. Similar to Brown, he was brought up in a Salem, Massachusetts. The two women in the story, Cory and Goodies Cloyse execute witchcraft during Hawthorne’s time. It is also arguable that the moral and mental beliefs of Hawthorne have been revealed throughout this story. He felt that all humans share a fellowship of fault. He believed that if it was possible to escape guilt, it was impossible with brotherhood

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